Pre-Sensitised Positive Plate

Pre-Sensitised Plate not only apply for PS platesetter but also for CTcP platesetter which can meet commercial color printing, packing and newspaper printing as well.

High Sensitivity, Short Exposure Time

Pre-Sensitised Plate with its substrate of hydrophilic treatment ca guarantee the high sensitivity and shorten the exposure time which improve the printing work more efficiently.

High Quality Aluminium Substrate, Complex Grain Structure and Dense Oxidised Layer

The special high quality aluminium substrate is adopted as the substrate guarantees the flatness of plates, precise plates sizes and various physical mechanical properties.

Multilayered complex grain structure and dense oxidised layers are formed on the surface of the substrate through graining treatment with a series of chemical and electric chemical methods to ensure that the plate possesses precise dot reproduction and excellent anti-adrasion.

Pre-Sensitivity Positive plate can be compatible with various platesetters available in current market.

Technical Data

Product Type High Quality positive offset printing PS plates
Plate Features
1. Multi layer grains, smooth coating, high sensitive speed, excellent dot reappearance, large exposure and developing latitude, quick ink water balance, long impression
2. Abrasion resistant grains, precise size, excellent dot reappearance, quick ink water balance, super long impression
3. Economical printing, high-sensitive speed, perforation by international standard
4. Unique and Smooth Photosensitive Coating-High Sensitivity
5. Rough Gas-leading Layer
6. Excellent dot reproduction
Compatible Plate setter Compatible with all the common PS plate making setter
Processor All the kind Brands
Developer Any PS plate developer or our own developer
Plate Thickness 0.15mm, 0.28mm. (customized 0.20mm, 0.24mm)
Safe-light Under yellow light
Shelf Life & Storage Conditions 18 months under the recommended storage conditions (10-25℃, with 40%--60% humidity, stock height less than 1.5m. Away from sunlight radiation & direct sunlight, Anti-humidity, Anti-acid & alkali).
Power of light : 3000-5000W
Exposure energy : 160-180 mj/cm2, 30 seconds with 3KW iodine-galliun lamp distance:1.2meters
Photosensitive Wave Length : 320-405nm
Resolution : 2-98% at 200 LPI
Coating color : Green / Blue
Developing Temperature 23±2°C
Developing Time 20±5 Second
Resolution 2-98% at 200lpi
Package Standard Safe Package for Ocean (50 sheets for 0.30mm, 100 sheets for 0.15mm. wrapped by a black photo protective paper, then put in a strong brown carton box, finally 20-60boxes on a ply-wood pallet, outer wrapped plastic film)
Max. Size 1650*1350mm
  • Samples available, we can send 8 pieces plates to customer for testing.
  • All sizes of plates can be supplied according to customer’s demand.
  • Online technical support supplied. If there is any problem, you can feel free to contact us at any time; we will help you solve the problem in time.

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